Economic Development

Our communities deserve a state government that will make it easy to do business. As your State Senator, I will support investments in infrastructure, creating more jobs and making our district competitive for future job growth. I will work with state departments, counties, cities, and port districts to ensure people get to work and goods get to market. As a small business owner, I understand the struggles people face every day with red tape, paperwork, and government inefficiency. I know we can do a better job to help small businesses succeed and new businesses grow, and I want to be your champion for economic development in our district.

I will fight for working families, the elderly, and veterans, to prioritize job creation and social services in our district.

Working for YOU

For too long the leadership in the 35th LD has been slow and negligent in reacting to high unemployment, outrageous medical costs, struggling schools, growing concerns over the protection of our waterways and salmon runs, poor transportation options on our roads, and rising property taxes. I think we can, and must, do better! This is why I am running to be your new State Senator. As a long-time resident, small business owner, mother of college-age kids, and teacher, I know what the families of our community need and care about. It is time to put political control in the hands of the people, not a few wealthy individuals. We can and must address these problems together.


As an educator and mother of three, providing a world-class education for our children is at the forefront of my priorities. As your State Senator, I will support legislation that encourages greater educational opportunities in our district and statewide. Equal opportunity to quality education is the cornerstone of a prosperous economy. From early childhood to higher education, every level of education has been shown to have a direct positive impact on society. Not only are individual lives enriched by education, but having an educated workforce enhances our communities and stimulates our local economy. An educated workforce is a part of what will attract new businesses to the 35th LD, not to mention a populace more engaged in civic life.

In the State Senate, I will work for students, teachers, and parents, ensuring all have their voice heard and given the opportunity to succeed.

Health Care Security

From talking with thousands of voters in our district and having family members with health issues, I know how difficult it is pay for health care and prescription drug increases time and time again. Our state and nation are in a health care crisis and our legislature must do more to ensure everyone has access to affordable health care. We need representation in Olympia that will make affordable health care a priority. No one should have to forego medical care because of its cost or rely on the emergency room as their only source of health care. As your State Senator, I will support legislation that gives every person in the 35th LD access to affordable, quality health care and hold health care providers accountable.

In Olympia, I will support what our community is demanding and fight for affordable health care for everyone in our district.